ICC Department Strategic Plan, spring 2009

Strategic long-term vision mission statement:

As a department of SUNY Cortland, a State University College, International Communications and Culture exists to meet a range of educational needs of the residents of New York State as they relate to skills and understanding of a variety of languages and cultures. As a close corollary to this goal, we also seek to address the needs of the state for competent professionals in these areas. The general need for communication through a broader awareness of other people, other places, other cultures, other ways of living, other values, other economic realities must be an accepted basis for successful ICC graduates in our global environment.

1. Language majors (plans to meet current needs of students: practical language use, strengthen proficiency)

2. Adolescence Education Programs:
  • Resources for TESOL (UG, Grad, dual-diploma)
  • Moving TESOL from its initial state to an ability to function as a mature program
  • Program alteration to strengthen skills.

3. Graduate Programs:
  • Meeting requirements & strengthening skills. Program alteration for MS.Ed.
  • Meeting the needs of the state for language teachers, creation of MAT.

4. Dual-diploma programs:
  • Regularize procedures and program requirements to make expectations clear enough to smooth out advisement problems.
  • Structural issue of department level dual diploma academic coordinator/advisor

5. Explore potential for support for minors & other specific language needs in other programs with an international agenda. (International Studies, other programs across the college, etc.)

6. International students:
  • Addressing needs of international students needing to take courses at Cortland
  • Participation in our own International Programs

7. Language requirement.
  • As expected, assessment suggests a disconnect between the proficiency level implied in the SUNY Foreign Language Requirement and its implementation on the Cortland campus. However, any change that would address this disconnect would be a resources issue.
  • Multi-continent approach: advisability of adding a sub-Saharan language option, at least at the 101 level (Perhaps Swahili).